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Private Investigations

Background Checks


GPS conducts extensive background checks that cover the United States. Background checks protect your business, employees, customers, and vendors by being proactive to prevent problems before they arise. Background checks on potential employees aren’t just for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses have access to the same protections.  


Background checks reveal:  


  • Current and past addresses 

  • Phone numbers related to the subject 

  • People related to the subject

  • Assets  

  • Criminal records

  • Traffic violations 

  • Liens, judgments, bankruptcy


Who you should do a Background check on? 


  • Potential employees

  • Existing employees

  • Volunteers in churches and non-profits

  • Pre-marital checks

  • Current spouse 

  • Potential business partners

  • Current business partners


Investigative Services


GPS provides professional and confidential investigative services use the latest technology along with extensive investigator training. GPS investigators effectively investigate even the most challenging cases including: 


  • Workplace termination

  • Theft/embezzlement

  • Cheating spouses

  • Abusive spouses

  • Missing persons

  • Stalkers

  • Romance scams




GPS private investigators provide cost-effective, high-quality investigative services to law firms, bond companies, corporations, independent businesses, and private citizens. We are a result-oriented investigations firm, committed to providing you with quick responses and accurate results. 


Superior Training

GPS investigators are trained investigators, many are experienced police officers utilizing law enforcement education, techniques, and experience. Both law enforcement and private sector qualifications ensure our clients the best possible investigative results. 

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