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Personal Protectors / Bodyguards

Body Agents


Bodyguards are sometimes referred to as Personal Protectors. There are various categories of protectors/bodyguards,

the first is a body agent. Their role is being a defender keeping you from harm. 

They are a shield between you and those who want to harm you.

The body agents role is to extract you from the danger if necessary. They are the watchers,

scanning the crowd for anyone who may be a potential threat to your safety. 


Body agents are chameleons, blending in until the situation requires command presence.

Body agents look and act like your assistant or team member to anyone observing you.

The average person wouldn’t know they are a personal protector/bodyguard.  


In high-risk situations, body agents will exhibit full command presence. It will be obvious you are covered by personal protectors/bodyguards. Command presence is meant to keep people away from you. In high-risk situations, you will also have a Security Detail comprised of multiple protectors/bodyguards. 











Security Detail


The security detail can be three to five protectors/bodyguards. One or two are body agents, while the other three will be the defenders. They escort you information, with you being in the center. You see this scenario with the Secret Service. 


When there is a threat, the body agents will not engage, they get between you and the threat to get you to safety, while the remaining security detail engages the threat. 


You’ve seen this scenario in movies when the President has been whisked away, while the other agents engage the threat. 


Your Safety Is Our Priority


Our personal protectors/bodyguards are expertly trained to possess the ability to see what’s coming before it happens. They are constantly on-guard, aware of what is going on around you. Your safety is our top priority which can extend to your family.


Personal protectors/bodyguards are proactive, they are the watcher. Their goal is for you to do what you do with peace of mind knowing you are protected.


GPS Personal Protectors


Our personal protectors/bodyguards are highly trained men and women who are former military and/or law enforcement. Most have special forces and/or SWAT training. Our protectors/bodyguards have completed civilian executive protection and other specialized training. 










When to Hire Personal Protectors/Bodyguards


You hire protectors/bodyguards when you want to be proactive about your safety, the safety of your family, or your business. Protectors aren’t just for celebrities, they are for anyone who wants an additional layer of protection from people who want what you have. Protectors/bodyguards are hired by the wealthy, executives, and corporations to protect:


  • executives

  • individuals

  • families

  • weddings

  • estates

  • high-value property 

  • corporate offices 

  • board meetings 

  • workplace terminations

  • move sets

  • restraining orders

  • auctions

  • news team

  • celebrities

  • sport figures 

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Bodyguard, body agent, personal protector, DFW, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas
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Bodyguard, Personal Protector, GPS, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas
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