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Uniformed Armed Security






Uniform Armed Security


Uniform security are high visible proactive officers. You want people to know you have security on the premises. The posts can be static and or roaming. Roaming officers vary their routine when they check the premises. We provide you with the details of each shift and the times they patrol, including anything they find like unlocked doors or something out of place. 


They are your first line of defense to protect your:


  • Business – during a specific shift or 24/7 coverage

  • Warehouse – 24/7 or overnight protection

  • Museum – protection from theft, damage or touching high-value displays 

  • Concerts

  • Receptions 

  • Fund-raisers

  • Movie set

  • Domestic Violence shelters or transition homes

  • Churches – during the service, children’s area, and special events


Thorough Screening


All GPS officers are screened for personal integrity, attitude, stability, and customer service. They routinely receive education and training, ensuring our officers can perform their duties effectively. 


GPS Security Officers


GPS is a military-friendly employer as a majority of our staff are former military. In addition, most of our staff have law enforcement, fire, or EMS background. They are the first line of defense, who observe and report, contacting law enforcement when necessary.   















When to Hire Uniform Armed Security


Security systems provide a level of protection but alone doesn’t deter theft. Uniform security is another layer of protection to prevent theft and property damage. Uniform security officers protect entrance into your business for your employee’s protection. 


  • Plumbing warehouse – after hours

  • HVAC warehouse – after hours

  • Construction sites – 24/7 

  • Corporate offices – during business hours

    • Did you know domestic violence impacts your business? According to 65 percent of companies don’t have a formal workplace domestic violence prevention policy, according to research conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management.

    • Workplace terminations – the disgruntled ex-employee returns to take revenge on those they perceive wrong them. 

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