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Our mission is to provide our clients with 
experienced security professionals who 
exceed your expectations.






Who We Are

Honesty, integrity, and service are at the forefront of everything we do.


Gardner Protective Services, LLC (GPS) is a woman, veteran, and minority-owned business. GPS is an approved government contractor.


GPS protectors/bodyguards are multi-lingual and have operated in Africa, Israel, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Mexico, and the USA.


GPS is comprised of an elite group of men and women providing experience and professionalism, setting itself apart in a demanding industry.


Our protectors/bodyguards have diverse backgrounds in elite military tactical units, military and civilian police, SWAT and other specialized police tactical units.

Why GPS?

Coupled with “who we are” is our ability to respond with a customized solution to meet your needs. The response, mobility, and flexibility are common attributes utilized to execute a plan once it's put into place. Careful consideration goes into the strategy of creating and implementing a plan for your safety and security, keeping in mind your privacy, and your day-to-day business practices. 


GPS clientele includes:

  • Armed Personal Protector/Bodyguard –

    • Corporate domestic and international travel 

    • Corporate offices 

    • Wealthy families at home 

    • Government officials

    • Pastors 

    • Workplace terminations 

    • Jewelers

    • Celebrities 

    • Professional athletes 

    • Transport high value

    • Hotel conferences

    • Vacation travel

    • Weddings

    • Special events 

    • Private parties 

    • Domestic abuse 

    • Restraining orders 

    • Court appearances

  • Armed Uniform Officer 

    • Corporate office and warehouse 

    • Museums 

    • Schools

    • Churches 

    • Theaters 

    • Weddings 

    • Special events 

    • Private parties

  • Private Investigation Division 

    • Background checks 

    • Surveillance/counter surveillance 

    • Missing persons 

    • Corporate espionage

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